Ci Secure UK Irelan K9 Dogs Detection Security Protection Provider Ci Secure is UK & Ireland Leader in K9 Dog Detection Security & Protection Provider


Ci Secure Securing Boundaries Across UK & Ireland with Professional K9 Dogs Protections Teams 

Welcome to CI Secure Security providing our K9 Dogs Security & Protection Services across UK and Ireland.

Ci Secure Security specialise in training and provides Bomb Detection Dogs, Sniffer Dogs, Security Dogs Patrols and Dogs Handler training. CI Secure Security Experienced Expert Professional Staff, K9 Dogs training & Handlers can provide contract and emergency cover for the private sector, public services, government and international security agencies around the Globe. CI Secure Security UK & Ireland provides unique Drug and Bomb Sniffing Dogs, Security Dogs Patrols & Dogs Handler Teams for any type event, location or situation. Our highly motivated UK & Ireland Teams with their fully disciplined K9 Dogs teams are on hand to provide the exact K9 Dogs Security & Protection Services for the right response every time!

In addition, Ci Secure K9 Dogs Detection Security & Protection also offers comprehensive training courses including Drugs Detection K9 Dogs, Explosives Detection K9 Dogs and Security Guard training & Dogs K9 Handling. Our Ci Secure Security staff and Dogs are an Extremely High Visual Deterrent and are trained to Identify Risks and put the necessary procedures in place as laid out in your companies site procedures. Ensuring that correct procedures are being carried out on all regular patrols by our Expert supervisor and reports are delivered to senior management on a weekly basis. This is why Ci Secure K9 Dogs Detection Security & Protection Company is the Expert Service to be activated for your business to enhance your presence of professional protections, Security & ultimate discourage unlawful activities.


Complete K9 Dogs Specialists

CI Secure Security K9 Dogs is also specialised in Cadaver and Medical Forensic Detection by K9 Dogs trained to detect human remains, human blood, human hair and human body fluid. These Specialists K9 dogs undergo rigorous selection, training and put to the test on a regular industry defined examinations. These dogs are actively involved with the charity & have been responsible for finding evidence in the highest profile cases.


Professional Industry Responsibility

CI Secure Security & Protection Services Company UK & Ireland takes responsibility to ensure that the services delivered to our clients will be nothing but the Highest Quality in terms of value and professionalism.

CI Secure Security & Protection Services Company UK & Ireland focus on delivering exceptional customer satisfaction and an ethos cascaded to its staff throughout all levels. CI Secure Security & Protection Services will ensure it will protect and serve you with Integrity, Honesty, and Professionalism.

CI Secure Security & Protection Services Company UK & Ireland is licensed & fully insured to carry out Detection, Security & Protection services as a K9 Dogs Security provider in Ireland and the UK and is registered with all company & Insurance registered offices.


CI Secure Security & Protection Services Company UK & Ireland

Fully Securing Your UK & Ireland Boundaries


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Management Systems Certification Limited the private security authority
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