Ci Secure is the only Business All-Star Accredited  K9 Security Provider in Ireland. Ci secure was founded in 2015 by Joseph Blake, to provide professional Security Guards and Dogs to Secure your boundaries and protect your property. To Ensure our Security Service is above the Industry’s Standards, we select staff from highly skilled and disciplined backgrounds. Ci Secure has developed a reputation for delivering a top quality security protection service by providing fully trained and competent people to protect your property. Ci Secure has first-hand team of experts who come from a variety of Security Protection backgrounds and are experts in their field of operation.

Our Methodology for New Clients
At the beginning of any relationship, there have to be a means of determining whether or not the two parties understand and can work with each other. A contract agreement should not be approached as a simple arrangement between a buyer and seller of services. Our experience is that the degree of cooperation and understanding that is necessary to successfully create a winning program that both parties spend time at in the beginning to get to know each other and make sure there is a meeting of minds.

Ci Secure’s goal is to form long-term relationships with our clients in which we are working partners, in anticipating and solving problems. Ci Secure’s Management team will work with you the client to identify your security risk. We will then design an end to end solution based on your Individual requirements. We believe in working closely with our clients, this enables us to maintain strong relationships whilst delivering an optimum service. We operate with flexibility, confidence and continuously endeavor to meet the ever-changing requirements of our clients.

CI Secure’s Mission Statement
Management and Staff at Ci Secure are committed to delivering a consistent, high standard of service designed and tailored to meet our client’s individual needs throughout Ireland and the UK. To assure quality standards are adhered to, all dogs and handlers will attend regular training sessions to keep up to a standard beyond the industries required standards and to provide world-class integrated security solutions centred around our core objective.

We create a promise to deliver unmatched safety and security coverage with greater cost efficiency and increased presence to deter and detect potential threats to your environment.

Avail of our Security Protection Services

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