Dog Detection Protection training courses are available to suitable applicants in the following disciplines.

Dog Sniffer Explosive Detection Training Courses

When it comes to providing a safe environment, Ci Secure are finding that more companies across many industries face a number of security challenges. Ci Secure train our bomb Explosive Search sniffer Dogs and their handlers to the highest standard to ensure they are extremely versatile, effective and efficient at what they do best.


Dogs training explosives bomb aids are specially designed for our training needs & consist of products such as TNT K9 DogsRDX K9 DogsPETN K9 Dogs, POTASSIUM NITRATE K9 Dogs, OTASSIUM CHLORATE K9 Dogs.

Ci Secure Explosive bomb Search Dog Handlers are trained Search Advisors from a Police or Military background. All have experience of working in a wide range of environments. All Sniffer Handlers and dogs are trained and accredited to Standards at a Regional Police Dog Training School. This includes initial, refresher and continuation training to ensure our Canine sniffer dogs and handlers perform at the highest level.




Dog Sniffer Drug Detection Training Courses

The link between organised crime, terrorism, and drugs is now fully acknowledged. Ci Secure Sniffer Drug Training Courses offers a proactive solution to counter drug activity in and around licensed premises, at events, in business premises, schools, homes and universities, working with clients to create safer environments.

Drug Sniffer dogs are trained during our course to pick up on the odour of HEROIN, COCAINE, MARIJUANA and METHAMPHETAMINES. Ci Secure Passive or Proactive Drug Detection Dogs are environmentally conditioned to detect the presence of drugs by searching vehicles (cars & Trucks), private & public buildings, schools, factories, aircraft, and ships.

The deployment of drug sniffer dogs, both proactive offers clients a high profile solution to drug misuse. Our Sniffer Drug Detection Training Courses work in partnership with individuals, drug action teams, town center safety managers, HR Departments and Police Authorities.


Dog Patrol Training Courses

CI Secure offer clients a bespoke Security Patrol Dogs Training Courses to ensure the protection of assets by providing professional Dog and Handler teams to complement or replace existing security measures.

Security Patrol Dogs Training Courses are trained to pick up on intruders or hidden individuals within the patrol and to protect their handler by standing their ground and showing controlled aggression. Security Patrol Dogs are trained will protect and to alert the handler of any intrusion allowing time for the handler to alert authorities.

After completing the Security Patrol Dogs Training Courses, you can provide your service to cover a wide range of assignments like Storage facilities, Financial Institutions, University Campuses, Infrastructure facilities to name a few


Human Remains & Forensic Dog Detection Training Courses

Ci Secure Human Remains Detection (HRD) Dogs Training Courses focus on specialized search methods trained to specifically find the odor of decomposing human remains. Ci Secure Human Remains Detection (HRD) Dogs Training Courses are trained to disregard live human scent and animal scent, and only specify on human remains. Human Remains Detection (HRD)  dogs can be used to find human remains related to crime scenes, old missing person cases, small scent sources, and natural or man-made disaster events.


Dog Search and Rescue Training Courses

Ci Secure Dog Search and Rescue Training Courses prepare you to train and handle dogs in the exciting and challenging world of Search and Rescue. Ci Secure teach the important skills needed to be effective in training and handling dogs for all categories of Search and Rescue Dog operations. Ci Secure Dog Search and Rescue Training Courses teach how to correctly selecting a search and rescue dog prospect, as well as all areas of training and maintaining a search and rescue dog. This program covers other instruction applicable to Search and Rescue Dog training including record keeping and report writing, K9 First Aid and CPR, search strategies, and much more. There is no entry requirement for the Ci Secure Dog Search and Rescue Training Courses.

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    Note: Dog Sniffer Explosive and Dog Sniffer Drug Detection training courses are only open to law enforcement and security personnel. Security applicants must produce a valid PSA or SIA Licence along with an updated Police certificate of character on the application.

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