buy sale K9 dogs drugs explosives trained sniffer services

Professional K9 dogs drugs explosives trained sniffer services

Explosives Detection Dogs

Expert Explosives Bomb Detection K9 Dogs are trained by Ci Secure Security UK & Ireland Company to passively indicate on the odor of multiple explosives bombs substances. Our Expert K9 Dogs training explosives bomb aids are specially designed for our training needs & consist of products such as TNT K9 Dogs, RDX K9 Dogs, PETN K9 Dogs, POTASSIUM NITRATE K9 Dogs, OTASSIUM CHLORATE K9 Dogs. Our Expert K9 Dogs Handler Courses carried by the Ci Secure Security certification and are only available to Police or Security personnel. Security personnel must hold an SIA or PSA license and produce an up to date police certificate of character.

Professional Drugs K9 Dogs Detection Searches

Drugs Detection K9 Dogs trained by Ci Secure Security will detect illicit drugs like narcotics and respond with a passive or proactive indication. Our dogs are trained to pick up on the odor of HEROIN, COCAINE, MARIJUANA, and METHAMPHETAMINES. Ci Secure Passive or Proactive Drug Detection Dogs are environmentally conditioned to detect the presence of drugs by searching vehicles (cars & Trucks), public & private buildings, schools, factories, aircraft, and ships.

Our Drug Detection Dogs are Instructed by the handler, the dog indicates the presence of drugs by giving a passive or proactive signal, normally a sit or a ‘stand and stare’ indication.

Our Passive Drug Detection Dogs scan people entering workplaces, nightclubs, festivals, airports and many other environments where Drug Detection Dogs are required.

Drug Detection Dogs are Controlled on a lead by the dog handler, our Detection dogs make no contact with the people they scan. If drugs are detected on a person, the dog will sit in front of them, giving grounds for a security officer or police officer to conduct a search for unlawful possession of drugs.

Human Remains Detection (HRD) K9 Dogs

Cadaver and Forensic detection dogs for Human Remain Detection (HRD) and Body Fluids are trained to specifically find the odor of decomposing human remains. Human Remains Detection (HRD) dogs are trained to disregard live human scent and animal scent, and only specify on human remains. Human Remains Detection (HRD)  dogs can be used to find human remains related to crime scenes, old missing person cases, small scent sources, and natural or man-made disaster events.

Department of Agriculture K9 Dogs

Our Agriculture detection dogs are trained to sniff out prohibited products such as FRUIT, MEAT, VEGETABLES, and PLANTS from high-risk countries. Our trained detection dogs can scan luggage in mere seconds.

Tobacco Detection K9 Dogs

Ci Secure’s tobacco detection dogs are trained to detect contraband, counterfeit or genuine tobacco and cigarettes in a number of environmental conditions.
Our K-9’s detection dogs are trained to indicate from one cigarette to large amounts of contraband, counterfeit tobacco shipments and will identify the presence to the handler in a passive or proactive manner.

Ci Secure Tobacco Detection Dogs teams have worked on operations alongside Revenue & Customs, the Police, and Trading Standards, locating counterfeit and illicit tobacco products and detecting tobacco smuggled into the country

Security Patrol Dogs

Security Patrol Dogs are trained to work with a handler in all environmental conditions.

Patrol Dogs are psychologically discouraging to criminals, and these individuals will think twice knowing they have the chance of coming up against CI Secure trained Patrol Dog Teams.


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Security Patrol Dog with Handler

Security Patrol Dogs are trained to pick up on intruders or hidden individuals within the patrol and to protect their handler by standing their ground and showing controlled aggression. Security Patrol Dogs are trained will protect and to alert the handler of any intrusion allowing time for the handler to alert authorities. The Patrol Dogs are also trained to accept other people in their environment and to only react, on command, if a specific threat is made against the handler.

CI Secure Security Patrol Dogs Services also include:

      • Static Security Officer
      • Personal and Corporate Protection
      • Dog Handler
      • Mobile Patrol
      • Key Holding
      • Alarm Response
      • Lock Up and Open Up
      • 24hr Call Out Service

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