A dog is not only a loyal pet but also a vigilant pet. Dogs do more than keep you company,

Family Alsatian protection dog

they also keep you safe. The use of a protection dog for security has become necessary in the home, particularly for those living alone, safety is paramount in these dangerous times. Crime figures rise regularly and when it comes to a thief looking for a house to burgle, nothing is more forbidding than the sound of a barking dog. Owning a dog can be a great way to protect your family’s security. However, one of the common misconceptions among dog owners is that watchdog is simply another name for a guard dog.

A watchdog is a type of dog that has an instinctual desire to alert against danger. This means that if they sense an unwanted intruder present, they will usually begin to bark.

Here’s a simple difference; a watchdog is your normal ‘untrained’ dog while a guard dog is a dog that has been trained.

Protection Dog for Sale

A Two and a Half Year Old Belgium Malinois Suitable for Detection and Protection Security Work. This dog would give his Life to Save His Handler. He is Micro Chipped, Inoculated, and Wormed. Call Me For Further Details 085-8744032

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