About Coco

Coco is a Fourteen-Month-Old green Labrador Retriever  She has a very High prey and hunt drive. She is very social and would make a super Detection Dog. At Present Coco Resides In Ireland in the Beautiful Country Side Not Far From Blarney Castle.


Coco has met the demands of intense search and a strong passive response. Coco underwent environmental Condition  Training and Proved Herself to be an Awesome Candidate for a Future in Law Enforcement. Coco Loves to Please Her Handler and Will fit Into the Family Home.


Transport can be arranged for Coco to America and WorldWide.

                                                                                                             Veterinary Care 

All Her Vaccines and Veterinary Care Is Up to Date. Hips and Elbows are ok. Veterinary Cert is Available with Purchase.

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Coco is Suitable For: Police -Customs or Private Sector










Lacey is a Sixteen-Month-Old Springer Spaniel She has started her Imprint Training and is on her way To Become a Cadaver Dog Lacey is indicating on Blood and Bone. She is Inoculated-Wormed and Has all her Injections




















This is Suzi a 12-month-old Springer Spaniel Cross Pointer. Suzi has just started her imprint training for explosives & bomb detection and is doing extremely well

When Suzi completes her Sniffer Detection for explosives & bomb training, she will be able to identify multiple materials such as TNT, RDX, PETN, POTASSIUM NITRATE, OTASSIUM CHLORATE.

Suzi will also be able to operate in multiple environmental conditions to detect the presence of explosives by searching vehicles (cars & Trucks), private & public buildings, schools, factories, aircraft, and ships

Contact us today to get more information about Suzi progress on her training for explosives & bomb detection & inquire about buying her


Springer Spaniel Cross Pointer explosives & Bomb Detection Dog
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